Become a psychic…. or something that’s almost that good

Since I have multiple instant messenger accounts (ICQ, MSN, Gmail)… I started using pidgin, as I already told you before. Let me give you a small summary why:

  • Fast: it has great performance since no additional commercials and movies are loaded
  • Simple: it’s a simple, small tool that can do what every IM client should be able to…. SEND IMs!
  • Easy: it really is easy to use and to manage your accounts
  • Multiple Accounts: 1 client, multiple accounts. Just add all the accounts you own to pidgin and you’ll be able to be online or offline on any account whenever you want

Besides that, like firefox, pidgin allows you to install plug-ins. One of these plug-ins is the psychic mode:

This little plugin will pop-up a messenger windows each time a buddy just start typing. So you can react before they stop typing. That could be somewhat fun.. No? ;-)

It also has other advantages, in case you don’t want to talk to this person. Quickly go offline, problem solved :P…

Give it a go, and tell me how you enjoy pidgin and its plug-ins


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