Retro Gaming: Knights and Merchants

It seems all I do lately is writing retro game reviews… and that’s true. I have been quite busy these last few weeks and believe it or not but a guide for coding or fixing something requires somewhat preparation.

Anyhew… I found a game on my hard drive yesterday that I haven’t played in ages. Knights and merchants, a strategy game like Starcraft (only a lot less impressive).
This games is situated in the middle ages and the idea is quite simple. You have to build a village and with that start an army. This army you need, obviously, to conquer other “kingdoms” that are situated on the map.
But honestly, they are more like overguarded villages.

Building a town/city/kingdom is very simple… You start with a small castle a few servants and laborers. First thing you have to do is build a school, which allows you to train all types of citizens (bakers, woodcutters, fishers, …). You have to build roads, bakers, butchers, fishers, barracks.

There are various types of missions. One is to rebuild your destroyed city, another one is to get your army alive out of enemy territory, depends a bit on the campaign you are playing (since there is an add on pack, the paesants rebellion).

This may sound stupid (and it probably is) but as with most things I like, this is something I used to play as a kid. And I really loved it back then so.. ;-). Oh yeah! I should probably mention that there is a multiplayer mode. Even back then, you can connect IP to IP. Fun to do with a few friends.. I kid you not :D

I think it’s also downloadable from here. Never tried it really because I got the original game :’).

A small movie to give you a better idea about this game


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