Final Fantasy XIII-2

Yesterday I played a demo of the new upcoming Final Fantasy game. Just like FFX this is a sequel on the previous FF game. Honestly, I was a bit scared about it. Because Final Fantasy XIII was not quite what I expected from it. Don’t get me wrong, the game is not too bad, the graphics are nice and the gameplay is very renewing. But it had a little too less a Final Fantasy level, if you ever played FFVII or FFVIII you probably know what I mean.

The world felt, besides 1 or 2 levels, as if it was closed off. Like in most games, that you have to go down a certain route. Which is not the case in any other Final Fantasy game. Although I am glad that they still kept the old fashioned way of fighting. Or at least, the basic idea behind it. You select which actions your character should perform and in which order they should be performed. It is however so that you only control 1 character. The other characters in your team decide for themselves which actions that they will perform. You can however control which types of actions they can perform based on the use of the paradigm system.
To explain in an easy way, you can assign a role to the characters in your team. For example, one can be a commander (melee attacks), another one can be a ravager (black magic) and the third can be a healer (white magic).
Takes a little time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really not that bad.

Back to the matter at hand, the sequel to this game is more of the same but drastically improved. The world feels more open now and the people you are able to talk to sometimes offer you side quests. Which offers a nice method to improve the skills of your characters without having to run around pointlessly in order to find enemies to defeat.
Also, the paradigm system has changes a little bit. You can still assign roles to characters but now you can also have a monster in your team. You can gather crystals after you defeat monsters and these crystals contain monsters that you can use in battle. Some are healers others are commanders, etc… Quite a nice idea.

One other important feature in the Final Fantasy series is the level up system. In other words, the way your characters learn more skills and become stronger. Besides weapons and accessories that you can equip to increase your stats you can also use the Crystarium System. By using CP, which is won after a battle, you can buy skills so to speak. For each character you can level each available role. Within each role a character can learn abilities. For the ravager role for example, flamestrike or blizzard can be gained. Also bonuses that increase your stats can be found, as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

I’m not telling anything about the story because of 2 reasons. The story of FFXIII-2 isn’t very clear from the demo. Well not for me at least. And I really don’t want to spoil anything for you.
Just a word of advice, if you are planning to play this game. Make sure you also play the previous game or at least find a website that tells the entire story of FFXIII. Because this game really is a sequel… And I’m afraid that the storyline is rather complex to just “hop in”… It is Japanese after all ;-).

There is one more thing that I really wanted to mention about the battle system of this game. Characters can get wounded. Well ofcourse you’ll tell me. Let me explain myself a bit better. Normally if a character gets hit, this character loses HP. But in this game, some attacks are so powerfull that they will “wound” you. This means that during the battle your maximum HP will be reduced. This can only be healed with special items.

The truth is that I could go on and on about this game. But my advice is, just play it. If you enjoy RPG games you will love this for sure!


3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII-2

  1. I stopped playing FF after a series of bitter disappointments, from FF8 onward (FF8 and 9 weren’t bad per se, they were just lacking that vital element). FF7 was truly the best of the bunch. It had great story, style, game play and an open world to explore. You’re right the later FF’s feel closed off. I hate being forced down a path. Also I miss materia!

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