You no mess with Lo Wang!

Although it is a potential danger to go to any sports activity with me, a friend of mine took me to a wushu class on saturday. For those of you who never heard of it (which is quite normal really), it’s a type of Chinese martial art. Actually, if you translate the term “wushu” to English, it literally means “Martial Art”.

This type of martial is very different from, let’s say the Japanese styles like Aikido. The class started out with one hour of stretching (which sucks in my opinion but okay) followed by 1 hour of actual wushu training. The training varies from teaching hand to hand combat to combat with a pole, spear and sword (and lots of other tools of destruction).
The whole idea of the wushu training is not only to learn how to defend yourself but also to train your mind, to calm you down and make you more stress resistant.

Just to give you an idea on how wushu looks like, here’s a video of the wushu competition of 2008 in Beijing

Quite an impressive sport isn’t it? I thought so too, yet I don’t think I will be taking classes. It looks great, and I’m sure it’s amazing if you can pull of a 20 hit combo but I don’t think it’s anything for me.
After all, my heart lies with Japanese martial arts, in particular sword styles.

I’ve been looking for a Iaido dojo for quite some time now. Without any success I’m afraid.
Well I found 1 near me to be exact. But this “dojo” is actually just a basement and the teacher’s teachings are not really… Professional, all he does he throw disapproving looks at his pupil(s) while make a noise like MMMHH!! *points*.

With all due respect for the sensei of that dojo but you really can’t learn Iaido by looking and listening to that guy. So… if I really want to do it, it will be with a DIY book and some DVDs I’m afraid.
And if you haven’t heard of Iaido either, that’s normal as well ;-).
Here’s a video of this martial art, just to give you an idea (do notice it is something completely different from Wushu, more calm, more.. let’s call it.. disciplined)


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