About IP adresses – the basic stuff

Did you know that your computer (or home network) has it’s own private address? One unique place on the internet? This address is called the IP address, this is short for internet protocol. This is a series of numbers which defines the location of your computer in the cloud. Like this you can reach other computers via the internet and vice versa.

This IP address you get from you ISP (internet service provider) is something that you cannot manipulate. But chances are that the IP address of your computer is a local address because your computer is behind a router. This device allows you to create your own private network, which can be managed by you. All computers connected to this device can be rerouted to the internet (via the IP you received via the ISP).

I wanted to tell you something about IP adresses, something you should understand about it. Specially when you are planning to do some advanced networking. You can in fact calculate your own private IP adresses which are given to computers connected to the network.

There are 2 version of IP addresses, the IPv4 which uses a series of 32 bits and contains max 4 294 967 296 addresses. This system, may sound a bit odd, didn’t allow enough addresses to be created so, version IPv6 was created. These are IP addresses containing 128 bits. If you are good at math you’ve probablly figured out by now that you can theoretically have 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,770,000,000 addresses with this type…

And no, that’s not a joke..

More on this subject later!


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