Guest Blog: Elizabeth Mitchell

My Dear readers, the day has finally come! Someone write a guest-post for me. This “someone” is a very nice young woman who owns this fine blog. Give it up for Elizabeth!

It’s such a privilege to write a guest post for this blog, well for any blog actually. When Sharp asked me to write a guest post, I immediately accepted, so pleased to have gotten such an opportunity like this. I don’t know much about technology, but I know a bit about writing, and a lot about people, so here it goes.

I was thinking of something that I wanted to write about, it’s sort of hard writing for someone else’s blog, they have completely different readers, and usually write about completely different things. I was thinking about it for a while, when I realized something I wanted to write about, after writing a song.
What do you live for? Why are you living? What has held you here when nothing else could?

We all have that something, or someone. I could go on and on about what people live for, there are literally a billion possibilities. Work, school, family, friends, music, writing, profession, God, religion yourself, I could go on and on. There isn’t always just one thing that we live for, sometimes it’s one thing, sometimes it’s a few things, and sometimes, it’s a lot of things.

What has kept me here when nothing else could has been music, writing and God. I believe that writing has saved my life on more than one occasion, when I had nothing else, my pen and paper were there waiting. I could spill everything out, then close up the notebook and keep it hidden if I wanted. God has saved my life as well, but that’s a much longer story.

We live for things we love. What do you love? Is it your spouse? Your kids? Music?

When we love something, we become one with that thing. You can always tell when someone loves something, or someone, they can’t stop talking about it. When your heart and mind are filled with something, it eventually has to come out.

Sometimes, when we love something, it isn’t healthy for us or anyone around us. If it’s hurting yourself, or others around you, maybe it’s not a sufficient reason for living, maybe it’s keeping you from what you could be, from your best. Just something to think about.
If you don’t know your reason for living, and you don’t know what you truly love, then maybe you should figure that out. I have a feeling it would help you out in life. I believe that when we work for, or towards something, we are at our best. When we’re putting everything into something, when we get even just a little bit back, it’s more rewarding than anything that anyone could offer.

So, find what you love, what you’re living for, and give it your all.
This isn’t a very long post, but I think it will challenge you to look inside yourself. I hope you enjoyed it, and thank you for reading.

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