Alice: Madness Returns

I recently bought and, ofcourse, started playing Alice: madness returns. In case it shouldn’t ring a bell, it’s a sequel to the games Americans McGee’s Alice.

This game tells the classic story of Alice in Wonderland but in a “slightly” different coat. It is a horror/cult game to be exact. You play as Alice and you get rather agressive and strange weapons to fend of your enemies. Like for example the vorpal blade. Which is actually just an oversized kitchen knife, or the peppergrinder… pepper your enemies to death! But my favorite so far is the Hobby Horse… No that’s not a typo… It really is a horse’s head on a stick, which allows you to smash your enemies to pancakes.

I’m not going to tell you anything about the story itself, that is something you need to do for yourself. And even if you are on a low budget after the holidays, It’s still possible. Zavvi offers this game at a discount price:

And no it’s not because the game sucks.. They just do stuff like this :’)

Take a look at this gameplay video, I’m sure it’ll convince you

thumbs up if you like this!


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