What to do when waiting for new years day to come. In my case, figuring out how dosbox works. I can tell you, it was somewhat challenging in the beginning. But now I got the hang of it, it really isn’t all that bad.

I’ll explain as simple as I can :)…

For starters, dosbox is an emulator for DOS. It emulates a x86 intel cpu computer which allows you to run all your old video games. Like for instance Redneck Rampage: Rides Again. I found in my closet under a big pile of dust. But when I tried to install it, the setup told me that it was unable to install the game because there was a problem with my CPU (ofcourse, since it’s a 64-bit CPU and producd about 15 years after the actual game).

So… I found dosbox… Step one is easy, you just download dosbox from the website. Pick the correct download for your OS. I installed it on a windows 7 machine.
As far as the installation goes, that is something I don’t need to explain to you I think. It’s so straight forward and simple, you can manage.

Once this is done, you can open DosBox. When you do this, you’ll see that it looks like a dosprompt… Well du’h… ;-).

Now you only have a z drive, which is the virtual drive that dosbox uses. The problem is ofcourse that you should be able to access your C drive and your CDrom drive, which is in my case D.
And in order to be able to access them you’ll need to mount them. And this is something that will probably sound very familiar to Linux/Unix/Mac users.

Now, I made a new folder on my harddrive, where I will be installing all my retro games. The folder is called c:\emu. This folder I will be mounting in DosBox as C drive. The way you do this, is actually very simple (once you figure out how).

You enter (but do keep in mind, dosbox has a qwerty keyboard layout!) following command: MOUNT C C:\emu, when you hit enter you’ll see something like this:

When you type the command C: you’ll navigate to the C drive in dosbox. Which is, in this case actually the folder c:\emu. Got it? Not so very hard now is it :).

If you are not sure if the correct folder is mounted, there is a simple way to see if it’s correct. Open the actual folder in windows that you mounted.

And in DosBox type the command DIR. Which will show you all the folders and files within the currect directory. The output should be the same folders and files as you can see in the folder you created and mounted:

See… No big deal… As you can see I already have quite a bit of crap installed in this folder. Your folder will probably be empty.

Good, now let’s mount the CDrom drive. Which is basically the same as mounting a folder. Remember my CDrom drive has the letter D, yours could be different.

Enter following command:

MOUNT D D:\ -cdrom

This command says mount to vritual drive D, actual drive D:\ with type CDROM station…
That’s it. You can now access your CD drive. And install your retro games like you did on DOS.

This was the result for me:

A thing of beauty ;-)…

There is one more thing I should explain. When you shut down DosBox all this configuration is gone….
Next time you start dosbox you have to mount your drives again. Which is a drag, I know. There is however a simple way to avoid this. You can force DosBox to do this configuration for you.

In order to do that, you need to locate the file dosbox-0.74.conf (replace 0.74 by the version number of dosbox you have, although it’s probably the same).
For windows users this is very simple, from the start menu go to the dosbox entry and find DoxBos Options.
For other users, a find | grep is in order I think, because I honestly don’t know by heart where to find this file. I did it before on an apple computer but I don’t remember the location. Details for the location of this file can be found here

Anyway, once you found the file, go to the bottom of this text file. You’ll find following lines:

# Lines in this section will be run at startup.
# You can put your MOUNT lines here.

AFTER these lines, just enter the commands you entered before. Like this:

mount c c:\emu

Save the file and start dosbox.

Tadaaaa! The c drive is now mounted automatically. If you want to auto moount your cd drive as well just put the commands below those you’ve just entered. Works like a charm…

Let me know if it worked! If you have any questions, just drop me a comment or an e-mail… I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Have fun and a happy new year!


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