A stuck printerjob

Have I got a treat for you today, something so easy that it is simply brilliant. Did you ever cancel a print job my pressing the off button on your printer? My guess is yes….

Most of the time the print job goes in error state and when you want to delete it, this fails miserably. Or it just takes forever..
The print job just says, cancelling or deleting or stuff like that. But have no fear! There is a much easier, much quicker solution.

When you come across this problem (in windows ofcourse). Run the command services.msc from the start menu. This will open the services control panel.
Now, locate the service print spooler

Press the STOP button. Now you won’t be able to print for a moment (not that you could before with the stuck print job).

Now open the folder C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS. Delete everything within this folder, careful.. don’t delete the folder itself!

Once this is done open uw your services window again and restart the print spooler service.

The stuck jobs are now gone!

How long did that take you? 2 minutes? ;-)

Good luck…


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