Retro Gaming: Redneck Rampage Rides Again

Ever shot a chicken, with a bar of dynamite crammed up its ass, from a crossbow?

I know I know, again with the retro gaming. I’m sorry, but I really needed to share this with you! This is a game I totally forgot about until a few days ago. I found it somewhere in the deepest, dark corner of my closet. A game so peculiar (and trust me there is a LOT more where that came from) that it will curl your toes!

The game title is: Redneck Rampage Rides Again! Chances are that you never heard about this. Well I can’t blame you. The best way to discribe this game is… hmm.. duke nukem meets beavis and butthead. Interested yet?

This game is a sequel to Redneck Rampage. And perhaps it is best that I tell you about the first game to start with, because it might get rather confusing if I don’t.
Redneck Rampage tells a story about 2 (hillbilly) brothers, Leonard and Bubba. You plas as Leonard and the goal in every single level is to find Bubba.
Both brothers battle their way through the city of Hickston.. and what do they battle? Aliens! There are a bunch of weird looking (sometimes even cloned) aliens who k(p)i(g)dnapped the award winning pig Bessie. So basically the goal of the game is to save your pig.
Come one, if you’re not interested by now I don’t know what else I have to tell you.
Okay, so that’s the very short version of the first game.

About the second game, what this post is actually about. Now when the first game end (and the expansions that are available for this game) it is implied that the last of the aliens is seen. You’ve beaten, shot, blown them all up. Good job!
For some strange reason it is also then that Leonard and Bubba manage to hijack a flying saucer from the aliens and they take of.
The second game begins with a scene that shows Leonard and Bubba crashing in the desert west of Texas.

They desperatly try to find their way back to the town of Hickston by fighting off jackalopes, rabid pit bulls, clone bikers, cheerleaders and some other critters and pigs. The mission in each level is the same as in the first game, find Bubba. Although it sounds as if this really is a sequal, so just more of the same crap. It really really isn’t! There are a bunch of new weapons (man I love the “titgun”) and tons of enemies.
Trust me you won’t regret playing this.

But I can only really explain you what Redneck Rampage is all about by showing you a few vids. When watching, do keep in mind that this game was produces somewhere in the 90’s. So the graphics looks a lot like Duke Nukem 3D, which was pretty good in those days.

Anyway, enjoy!


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