Retro Gaming: Duke Nukem 3D

This is a game that I just had to devote a blogpost on. Duke Nukem 3D.. On of the most controversial games of the ’90s.  It has everything, (naked) babes, guns, aliens, humor and lots and lots of violence.
It is one of the most popular games ever made and I know that if you had a computer that could run this game in those days you’ll agree with me.

Duke Nukem 3D is, unlike his predecessors, a 3D (as the name implies) first person shooter. You have to walk Duke Nukem through a set of levels. By opening doors, blowing up walls, pressing buttons, giving money to strippers, crawling through air ducts and kicking aliens in the n*ts, you make your way through the story.

This game is actually a sequel and starts right after the events of Duke Nukem 2. Duke returns to earth in his space cruiser. He is shot down and crashes in LA which is overrun by aliens. The aliens took all our hot women hostage and are blowing up our planet. Luckly we have Duke Nukem who is there to “chew gum and kick ass, but he’s all outta gum”.

The game consists out of 3 episodes:

  • L.A. Meltdown
  • Lunar Apocalypse
  • Shrapnel City

Well.. I warned you.

Oh and there was also an expansion released… The atomic edition which added a new, fourth, episode to the story.

Also very important to mention is that, Duke Nukem, the protagonist, is a tall, blonde man who ALWAYS wears his sunglasses. He thinks (just like every other woman roaming the face of this planet) he is perfect. His ego is gigantic and he never doubts himself. He is and looks hyper masculine. All muscles really, since he is on steroids. Throughout the game he constantly gives witty comments to all events that occur.

Almost 15 years after this game, Duke Nukem Forever was released. Which a game that is only appreciated by people who played the Duke Nukem 3D version in my opinion.

Anyway, as usual, I’ll show you a few gameplay videos and I’ll also add something about the witty comments.

have fun ;-)



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