So.. what’s up with spotify? It seems to be very popular for some strange reason. Most people say it’s a lot better than grooveshark. As usual, I wanted to know what the fuzz was all about…

First big difference compared with grooveshark is that spotify requires you to install a client. At first I experienced this as a downside but after a while… My goodness, fast!?! If you ever used grooveshark, you know that you sometimes need to wait for a song to buffer. Let’s face it, this can sometimes can take a bit of time.
But with spotify, the music plays instantly.

In order to login to spotify you need to use your facebook account (so you are actually forced to use this social cemetery). Which was, for me at least, a serious downside. But you know by now that I really don’t like facebook and stuff like that :’)…
Anyway, this allows you to share every single item you are listening to.
Don’t really see the use of that but okay.

Another thing which is positive, spotify allows you to access a few million songs and most of them are downloadable. Downloads are not free, but let’s face it. It’s cheaper than buying the actual CD.
You can put that spotify is a sort of iTunes surrogate… The funny thing is, the GUI of spotify resembles iTunes very much… Coincidence?

There is however one thing that bugs me beyond imagination. Commercials… Every few songs a commercial is played. Wth? I don’t want that? I just want to listen to my stuff…

But in the end… It seems very nice, and I can see why people like this very much. I for one will probably use it every now and then.

Ofcourse, I say a lot of things, but in the end you will have to try it yourself to see what it’s all about. So…

Have fun


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