Since I wanted to know (again) what the fuzz was all about. I created a google+ account. I already had a gmail address so, all I had to do is enter some basic data and off I went.

Frankly I’m quite amazed, most social networks (facebook, twitter, etc) provide a rather complex interface. It has a gazillion buttons and even more options. But Google+ takes it back to basics. Specially the contactlist is well organized.

Google+ works with circles, you can create multiple circles (like collegues, bloggers, friends, etc) and add people to a specific group. When you want to share something, you can easly pick the group you like to share it with.

Do you you have a google+ account? Add me ;-).. I registered with name Sharp o-rama, or drop me an e-mail and I’ll add you ;-).

My e-mail: (hah, no spam for me!)


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