About Drivers and Cows

I happens very often that some people ask me why their printer is not working when they plug it in, or why their new scanner won’t scan. The answers to these problems is always the same: the drivers aren’t installed.

After I say that, most people give me “the look”…

So, maybe I should explain a thing or two about drivers (in a computery context). Let go over this step by step ;-).
First of all, a driver is a little computer program that allows software to communicate with the hardware. Let’s say you want to print a word document, then word needs to know how to reach your printer (not entirely true, but just play along okay ;-)).

A driver communicates with a device through a computer bus to which the hardware is connected. When a program invokes a routine in the driver, the driver issues the command to the device.
The device sends data back to the drivers and again the drivers pushes the data back to the program.

It will not come as a surprise that a driver is OS specific, it speaks for itself that a windows driver will not work for MacOS.

That is the basic thing you need to know about drivers. Not that hard, isn’t it ;-)

The look will never be on your face again …


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