Here’s the thing

I very well realize that I’m not the most jolly person around, specially because I’m very dark eventhough you may think there is no reason what so ever to be that way. One of the main reasons for my darkness are other people. I know this sounds very bad almost evil, but hear me out.

Haven’t you ever got the feeling that you are judged by others? Well so do I and… newsflash… that is actually true. People judge all the time, they judge your ideas, believes, actions, every single thing. That is what bothers me so much, how can you be happy if there is always someone to judge your actions.

It would be so great if I could just do what I like to do without someone to tell me “how is should be done”. On the other hand, I also realize that it is also a matter of “attitude”. You could choose not to care about what others say and trust me that is what I try to do. But that just doesn’t seem to work for me.
Whenever someone says to me.. “Wow, you actually like that?”, together with an expression on this person’s face that looks as if aliens just landed on the planet, it just makes me doubt myself.

If anyone can teach me how not to care about this, please let me know. I’ll fix your computer for free, for the rest of your life if you can pull this off!


2 thoughts on “Here’s the thing

  1. I know what you mean, sometimes people tell me I need to let things roll off my back.. but how? I don’t know either! I don’t let everything get to me, but sometimes the littlest things are annoying! Anyway, I hope you can let some of it roll off your back as well! I don’t think people mean to be judgmental as much it comes off..

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