DIY: The run command

As you may have guessed, I’m someone that uses the run command quite a lot in windows. Now that is a feature I lack in windows 7 or Vista. It’s still available but it’s not directly accessable from the start menu. I know that you can use the search box, but it simply doesn’t always do the trick for me.

So, let me quickly tell you how you can add the run command to the start menu in these two OSs.

First of all, windows key + r does the trick as well. But I’m a nostalgic person do I really want it in my start menu ;-).

It’s quite simple. Right click the start button and select properties. Open the tab Start Menu and hit the button customize.
Now you’ll see a list of options, one of them is a check box which literally says “Run command”. Check it and hit okay.

The run command is available again ;-).


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