Retro Gaming: Grand Theft Auto

A game you probably all know far too well. Specially the younger audience will know GTA 3, GTA Vice City, GTA Liberty City Stories , etc … But would to talk about the orginal GTA game. Yes ladies and gentlemen there actually is a GTA 1 ;-).

In GTA you get the play the role of a criminal. If the game starts off you are just a small thug, working for one or more people. Your tasks vary from stealing cars, shooting people, stealing to driving around in a tank blasting everything in the near vicinity.

You can roam the world freely, in other words you don’t HAVE to do any missions if you don’t want to (ofcourse you won’t progress in the game). So if you choose to go ravaging in the streets of a model american city, feel free to.

In the original GTA, which was released in 1997 originally for DOS/windows later for playstation, you receive missions by phone. You can drive up to a public phone, if it’s ringing and you walk over to it, you’ll receive a mission from someone. And that someone if ofcourse the leader of some sort of criminal organisation.

Oh right, also interesting to know. The original game actually had a character select. You can choose from 8 (!) different characters. Not that it actually mattered which one you picked, all the missions were the same. But still, it’s fun to be someone else sometimes isn’t it ;-).

As the screens show, this game is not 3D.. not even 2D. You see the world from a top – down view. As if you were watching through the window of a helicopter.
Very different from the most recent GTA games.

By the way. This game is free to download, together with GTA 2. Take a look here, you should really give it a go. I know it doesn’t look flashy at all, but it’s a buttload of fun. The hours I wasted as a kid ravaging, pilaging, murdering, stealing burning, bombing, … man..  :’).

The idea of the game over the year hasn’t changed, you still need to steal cars, do missions, the police will still chase you, cars still have radio stations you can listen to, etc…

Anyway, for your entertainment. A few videos:


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