My friend Siri

A word on the apple iPhone 4S. It has this tool, that everyone has been talking about, called Siri. A personal assistent that you can just ask questions without having to type anything.

Call for the aid of Siri by holding down the home button of your iPhone, quickly 2 beeps are heard and Siri asks… What can I help you with?
Now you start talking, ask away. She has an answer for most things.
Siri will wait for you to stop talking before she answers (she’s polite and everything!), then she displays the question you asked and provides you with an answer.

It’s kind of nice really, there is no specific way in which you should speak to Siri. Just talk to her as you would to any other person and she’ll understand you.
The example given by Apple is asking about the weather forecast. You can ask Siri:
– What will the weather be tomorrow?
– Will it rain tomorrow?
– Do I need an umbrella tomorrow?

The answer will always be the weather forecast. Pretty nice huh? (Well I suppose you do need a certain amount of appreciation for technology to get this ;-)).

Another cool thing is that this tool works out of the box. There is no need for you to teach here stuff, she’ll get you instantly. Ofcourse, the more you use her, the better she will understand you.

And yes, she is witty.. Ask her any smartass question, she will most likely has an answer. Oh, and she knows what sarcasm is… This really is the best tool ever made.
A few examples…


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