Retro Gaming: Dreamcast

In addition to my regular try-to-post-on-friday retro gaming post I would like to talk about a console for once. It’s also one of the most saddest stories in video game history in my opinion :P…

The Sega Dreamcast was released somewhere in 1998, this console preceded the PS2, Xbox and gamecube. Because of the lack of success the console was taken off the market in 2001 (besides for Japan, where the console was sold until 2006). So far, this was the last console Sega ever made. How very sad is that, specially if you think about the success of the Sega megadrive/genesis.

Anyway, despite of it’s short lifespan, many people would like to own one since this console has earned some sort of a cult status. The dreamcast was actually way ahead of its time because it had a built in modem and internet connection for online gaming.

Since I’m good at giving technical details that not many people tend to understand… Here are the technical specs of the dreamcast. The system has a 200 Mhz cpu with a 128 bit vector graphics engine. The graphics hardware is a powerVR2 CLX2 chipset (told you so) capable of 7.0 million polygons/second peak performance.

And that’s just for the graphics, you should see the specs for the sound. I’ll spare you those details ;-).

The controller of the sega Dreamcast is rather large with 2 trigger buttons, joystick, movement pad a start button and 4 action buttons. Since you could not save on the console itself in those days (like even on the PS2) you needed to get a memory card in order to save your game.

How most people did NOT react

This memory card was different from the memory cards of other consoles. It needed to be plugged in the controller and it had a small screen and also 5 buttons. The idea was to take the memory card with you, like a gameboy for example, and play mini games where you want. Kinda of a cool feature.
Like for example Sonic Adventure (which was originally released for sega dreamcast)… There is a part in the game where you can access the CHAO garden, here you can raise chao creatures. You could upload one of your chao to the memory card and play a mini game with it. This could get you extra items not found in the game (if I remember correctly at least).

There are 720 games for sega dreamcast with titles like Sonic adventure (1 and 2), resident evil, worms, tomb raider, spawn, etc…

Let me demonstrate few things.

Oh and before you ask, yup… I own a dreamcast ;-)


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