Remote Chrome-i-fication

As I stated probably a few times before, chrome is an upcoming browser. More and more people start to use it. And true, it has a few nice features, on top of that it also has a few add-ons.
There is one is particular that I would like to talk about for a minute (or 2.. maybe 3).

Chrome Remote Desktop, yes I know another remote desktop tool. But this is a slightly different class, mainly because it runs in your web browser. And yes… I know aswell that this is only a beta version ;-).

So, what you do.. Download and install google Chrome (du’h). Secondly, go to (with Chrome)

You’ll probably need to log in to your google account (which you need in order to install apps). Launch the app:

You’ll need to download the app, authorize it to for your computer bla bla bla.. The regular stuff, I guess I don’t need to explain that.
Once you finally through all the administrative tasks you can finally take a look at the add on. Open the tool and either share this computer or connect to another one which is also using google chrome. This is what it looks like if you are connected to another computer:

Can come in very handy if you need to bugfix the computer of a relative, no offence aunt, without having to install complex tools which involves trying to explain what and IP address is ;-).

Have fun!


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