Your Social Network

I’m the type of person that easly forgets birthdays.. Not because I don’t care, but they just seem to slip my mind. And yes, you could use the facebook calendar to keep track of this, or a google calendar, or a regular one. But the fact is, I don’t check these things regulary.
So I’m bound to miss at least a few B-days…

However, there is a simple, yet good app available for iPhone that allows you to schedule SMS messages. So basically you only need to log all, in my case, birthday messages once a year and your phone will take care of it for you.

The tool is called Auto Schedule SMS Helper and you can find it in the iTunes store. More info can be found on this webpage.
Too bad, but it isn’t for free :(. It will cost you about $2 to be a popular guy/gal…

Now.. Please do keep in mind to keep track of your sent texts. Because scheduling 200 SMS messages also means you will pay for 200 messages once they are sent ;-).
I know you’re not an idiot but I like to mention it anyway, just in case.


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