Retro Gaming: Lemmings

One of my all time favorites… Lemmings… Man, the hours I wasted playing this game. Up until today even, since it’s available for PSP (and probably some other consoles as well).

I honestly don’t know how much I need to explain about this game because most of you probably know and played this game.

Anyway, for those who completely missed this. Here’s the deal…

Lemmings is a puzzle game originally published by Psygnosis in 1991. The behavious in the game lemmings is based on the “supposed” behaviour of real lemmings. There is an urband legend that says lemmings migrate in great numbers and that it eventually leads to disaster.

The objective of the game is very simple. You get a set of lemmings and you need to make sure they make it to the exit safely. In order to win a level you have to bring a certain amount of lemmings to the exit. So there is no harm in… well…ehm.. “sacrificing” a few for the better good.

You can give each lemming a task, one that build bridges, one that stops others from falling in a pit, another can dig and you also have a few that can blow themselves up (I kid you not).
Use whatever means needed to get these green haired furry friends to safety.

Although the gameplay is very simple, it’s rather hard to explain. So I better just show you (small remark, this is a 3 hour long video… Don’t ask, I don’t know):



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