Why you are stuck with me…

Yes it came from the internet, again...

A lot of people don’t get why someone would start blogging. What is there to tell every single post.. Isn’t it simply better to meet up with someone and explain this person what is on your mind.

If you ask this question to a 100 people, you’ll get a 100 different answers.
As for me.. Allow to answer the question with a question.

“Why would you not start blogging?”

Really, why not. Sure, you can hook up with someone and tell your entire story. And I guess this works for a lot of people.
As for me, it happens that dozens of things rage through my mind. Things that bother me, frighten me, enlighten me, amaze me. Some of these things need processing while other better remain untold.

In stead of going out every night and make others tremble with fear because of my unprocessed line of thoughts I can write them down in this blog.
The great thing about that is, people can read if they like. If they don’t like it, they simple close this webpage and the problem is solved! If only everything in life could be this simple… Right?

Now.. This started out as a sort of a digitalized diary, something that could relieve the pressure of my mind. But after a while (a few comments and likes later) I really started to enjoy my ‘life’ as a blogger. This was a great way to start some sort of a technology journal that keeps all sorts of tips and tricks for myself and for others.

It may sound silly, but getting older means getter wiser.. it also means that you start to forget certain things… Like…errhh…hmm? Well, never mind..

My blog is used to write down all tech-problems that I face and solve, to answer questions of people that ask for my help (not that I’m so great, but it happens that my geek-help is needed).
And the great thing is.. I can be who I want to be… No, no I’m not sociopath and I really don’t try to make myself sound nicer than I actually am but I mean. How great is it, to be able to say something without being judged for it. Everyone needs that every now and then.

So, besides enjoying myself by writing this blog I also hope I can also put a smile on some peoples face just every once in a while. Or to get rid of someone’s frustration about his or her computer. Changing someone’s line of thought on certain aspects of life. Even if it’s only 1 person, it’s worth it.

So you see… a blog is more than just a digitalized book which you can use to vent your emotions. It is what you make of it, because is a part of you (I know you are eye-rolling right now, but it’s true… Who writes this stuff? ;-)).

I’ve seen blogs that change the world, change people, changes lives  and it can change you ;-).

So for all you sceptics out there.. Register a blog, try it… and you’ll see.. You’ll get why people blog.


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