Disabling your Softwarez…

Once again, popular guy as I am *ahem*, I received a question about how the boot process of a windows installation can be speeded up.
There are 2 ways.. 1 is to wait for windows 8 (so they say at least) or you disable some programs that start up together with windows.

Do mind, this only works from windows XP and up…

Click start, hit run and type MSCONFIG. Hit enter and now you should be in the system configuration utility.

Now click the startup tab and here you will see all the startup programs. Just uncheck the programs you don’t want to run during startup.

Click OK and that is that. You will be prompted to reboot your computer, which you can do immediately or later, whichever suits your needs.

This should speed you the boot process of your windows installation significantly. The less programs that need to be started, the less time it takes to start up… ;-)


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