Retro Gaming: Earthworm Jim

Have I got a retro game review for you today. One of the most epic games I ever came across (and for some reason all the games I find epic, are also very strange).

This game is a platform video game starring a worm… indeed a worm. This worm has a robotic suit which allows him to battle evil. Initially this game was release for the sega megadrive and later on brought to SNES, game boy, game gear and sega master system.
Years later is also became available on game boy advance, iPhone, Playstation 3 and Xbox. Just to give you and idea on how popular it actually is (so yes! you can download this game via the playstation store and the Xbox variant of this!).

The story… Jim, the earthworm was at first a normal earthworm who did nothing special. But one day the evil Psy-Crow (which ofcourse becomes your enemy) had cornered a rebel space ship (in space of course). The pilot of this rebel space ship had stolen, and I kid you not, the “Ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit” built by a certain professor called Professor Monkey-for-a-head.

During the space fight the suit was dropped on earth and fell on Jim. This suit changed him into a large and intelligence (by earthworm standards) superhero.
How’s that for a game plot.

In the game you have a few weapons available being all sorts of guns and a whip. This whip is a bit special because it is actually Jim itself. The suit takes Jim and uses him body to whip things.

And as if this isn’t already great enough, there was also a sequal released!




But anyway, for you entertainment.. a few gameplay examples..


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