Playstation 3: the mediacenter edition

This is one of those ultimate geek posts. It’s about technology and gaming at the same time! Oh dear lord can my blog handle this much geekyness!?!

Lots of people wonder if it possible to stream videofiles to from your computer over to your TV with the Playstation 3. As you know there is a functionality build in which allows you to do that with some windows versions. But, truth being said, it is a bit crappy and it really doesn’t work that well.

So, let’s go for plan B! You can install PS3MediaServer, it’s available for linux, windows and even mac (yes I said, EVEN mac… I guess now I can expect an angry mob again at my door tonight).
Install the media server on the OS of your choice. Before running the program, turn on your PS3. Once this is done, launch the tool and it will automatically scan your network for PS3 devices. Once the PS3 has been found you can configure a thing or two.. (no I will not run through all the options).

There is however one thing I like to mention, the media server supports transcoding. Meaning that media files can be converted which allows you to play media files on your computer that may not be supported on the PS3. Configure the media server to it is allowed to transcode files. Trust me, for your own well-being, that is what you like to do.

In order to allow your computer to stream files to your PS3 you will probably need to make some configuration changes as well. For windows users you need to make sure that you turn on the network discovery option from the network and sharing center.
For Linux users make sure you enter an exception in the configuration of your firewall.


Life can be good!.. Well, sometimes at least >_>…

One more important thing, you can download the media server from here.


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