Toolmania: Teamviewer

I came across a rather nice tool yesterday. It’s called teamviewer, it’s a lot like VNC.. but different (?!).

The point is to install this tool on at least 2 computers, each computer will receive a session ID and a password. Now comes the nice part, let’s say you have a computer problem and you need assistance or you need to give a presentation on your computer or you simply need to transfer a file between computers, all you need to do is give your session ID to another teamviewer user and this person can connect to your PC.

Like this the other teamviewer user can take over your desktop and help you with your problem (the thing that VNC does as well). This tool has a very easy interface that allows you to select what you exactly want to do (presentation, file transfer, etc ..). And yes, it is free!
There is a pro version as well so it happens that you get washed away by messages that this is a free version available for non commercial use. But in the end, this really isn’t so bad.

Another nice feature that I liked very much is that you don’t need anything else but the session ID and the password for this session to get you going. Most tools which allow you to connect to another person’s computer require you to know the IP address of this person but this tool only requires the session ID and it can find the correct teamviewer client.
Pretty handy if you need to connect to users who are not so very advanced in these computer thingies.

About the availability, you can download this tool for Windows, MAC, linux and your mobile phone. It doesn’t matter which OS you are using, as long as you can install teamviewer you can connect to any type of supported OS from any type of supported OS.

All downloads are available from


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