We’ve been talking about processors quite a bit before, I know that. But I try to answer all questions I receive from people. And this was a very good one.

What is the difference between Hyperthreading and a dual/quad core CPU?

The answer is remarkably simple (which is not always the case so it seems..). If you have a single core CPU with hyperthreading it means that this single cpu can act as a dual core cpu. It can actually handle more than 1 thread at the same time… To be exact.. 2.

A multicore CPU is a CPU that has.. multiple.. cores? Really it gives you what it promises, a CPU containing more than 1 active CPU which can act independently.

So if we put it simple, hyperthreading mimics the performance of the multicore cpu.

Keep in mind that you also have hyperthreading enabled multicore CPUs. So if you have a quad core with hyperthreading, your CPU can handle 8 threads at the time. How fancy is that.


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