Retro Gaming: Phantasmagoria

Today I have something special for you. A game, I believe, not too many people know it exists. A game that is also so very strange that most people even wonder who would ever play it.
One simple, short response, ofcourse, me… :’)

Phantasmagoria, a game created by Sierra On-line for Dos, Mac OS and windows. It is a full motion video game, which allows you to move your character by clicking throught the world. Since there was so much video information needed for this game, it was shipped with 7 (yes.. seven!) CDs.
And if you think I’m the only person in the world who loves this game, well you are wrong. Very, very wrong actually. The success of this game led to a sequel: Phantasmagoria: a Puzzle of flesh. I’ll show you screens of both games later on.

The story of the first phantasmagoria tells the story of paperback writer Adrienne Delaney (the character you control by the way) and her husband Donald Gordon.
This couple has bought a mansion previously owned by a 19th century magician. When the game starts everything is perfect, the couple is happy they have everything they need. What the couple doesn’t know is that the magician that owned the place before practiced black magic and summoned an evil demon that possessed him, this led to the fact that he murdered his 5 wives (I don’t quite get why you need 5 wives, but okay…).

During the explorations of the house you accidently release this demon and it takes possession of Donald (you husband). As “the plot thickens” the manifestations of this demon become worse and worse.
Believe it or not, but this is a game that you don’t want to play on a stormy dark night all by yourself.

This game was re-released a few years ago and it’s available by digital download. For 10 bucks it’s yours, downloadable from this location:

Yes, legal my friends.. :P…


The second story is something different. It has nothing to do with the first story. This is also a click through game again with loads of video information, although this game was shipped with only 4 discs.

This game is about a man named Curtis Craig, he seems to be living a mundane quiet life but rather soon you find out that the truth is very different. He has been released from a mental institution one year before the events of the game and he still regulary visits a therapist. His mental issues came from having an abusive mother. His father was working on a top secret project at Wyntech before he died.

Recently Curtis is seeing an hearing strange things which manifest in hallucinations or some sort of an horrific event.
This is getting worse and worse throughout the game and a lot of people get killed along the way.

Interesting to know is that Curtis gets involved with 2 women during the game. But.. honestly, I don’t really get why.. I mean.. no offence, but look at the guy. Oh and he’s not only involved with 2 women, he also admits to his therapist that he is bisexual and he is attracted to one of his collegues…

Anyway… Try them both ;-)…

For your entertainment a few videos:


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