I don’t know if it is the monday-morning-blues but this morning I started to think about that I accomplished in my life so far. Not a good plan, I know. Specially at 6:30 AM…
It came to my attention that my life is actually a series of epic WTF-moments… Honestly I don’t know if this is normal, I guess not?

The moments became more are more dense since I bought my house. Not a day goes by that I think: “WTF, this is not happening?!”.
Allow me to give you one very short example, you’ll see my point.

One of the first days after I got the key to my house I was doing some stuff in the living room. And you should know there are 2 large windows in my living room. Now while I was tinkering on something (don’t remember what) some strange guy suddenly stops in front of my window and looks at me.
He starts talking gibberish and making odd gestures (WTF 1), so I do what I think any reasonable person would do and I just ignore it.
Even better, I just slide down the blinds.. Done! Fixed!

Next day, my father tells me, I know you neighbour, I’ve worked with him a couple of years back. I’ll point him out next time…
So I think, okay great.. He knows my neighbour so that should be okay, no?
But ofcourse, we arrive at the gates of hell (read the front door of my house) and my father says, ah there he is, pointing at a humongous walking over to me.
3 guesses who this guy is.. Indeed, the strange dude in front of my window (WTF 2)…

I kinda looked like this:

Don’t get me wrong I don’t think I have a bad life or anything but geez… A little more normal moments wouldn’t be half bad actually.

And sure I hate mondays and I’m not a morningperson! Let’s blame it on that…


6 thoughts on “WTF

  1. Oh yes, those WTF moments happen every day around our place. Sure, no strange men staring in the window, but moments nonetheless! Hang in there, if for no other reason than it gives you something to write about!

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