Retro Gaming: Carmageddon

I was reminded this game existed by a good friend of mine. I spend hours and hours playing this somewhat wicked game (it doesn’t look wicked now, but back then… ).

There is not much to be said, this is a race game. You can win several cars and upgrade them. Only special thing is, the racing is only a side mission. What this game is really about is destroying other cars, killing cows and “pan-caking” old ladies crossing the road.

This game brought a lot of controversy, in a lot of countries the first version of this game was censored. The humans were replaced with zombies or robots.
Maybe true.. but.. none the less… a lot of fun…

And that is really all there is need to be said… It’s a bit of short post but take a look at the movies. You’ll understand why there is not much more to say :P.

But try the game out, it helps on a dark monday morning…*grin*



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