Another Irritated Windows User (Disabling UAC)

Yes..I snatched it from the internet... again...

A question from an irritated Vista user… Can I turn off the warnings that ask me if I really, really, REALLY want to do what I’m about to do?

Well, this thing that you are referring to is called UAC, User Account control. This is designed to prevent unauthorized changes to the computer. If you read between the lines: it’s designed to be irritating. So yes, you can feel irritated.

Here is how you disable it in Windows Vista:

– Open the user Account panel from the control panel
– Click user accounts
– Click Turn User Account Control On or Off (well hidden, isn’t it?)
– Uncheck the checkbox and click OK

And since it’s windows, you’ll need to restart your machine just for this st00pid change.

By the way, you can only do this when you are an administrator.


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