Retro Gaming: Sonic 3

Just on a side note… I’m going to stop adding part number to my posts about retro gaming because a few more will be coming up.

If you were a kid in the 90s and you had a console. You either had a nintendo nes or snes or a sega master system or megadrive (genesis). This implied that you also loved either Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog. My favourite is beyong any doubt Sonic (I hoped I don’t  get lynched by angry Mario fans).

And if I have to make a pick, my all time favourite game is Sonic 3. I can finish that game with my hands tied around my back… So to speak, because it’s very hard to actually do that with the controller and all… Anyway..
I played that game hundreds of times and I couldn’t get tired of it.

It is in this game that a new character was introduced, Knuckles. He is the, what seems to be, helping hand of Robotnik in this episode. He tried to sabotage you every level in order to make sure you don’t steal his chaos emeralds (in this game he is somewhat pink and he loves diamonds… hmmm).
Interesting note, this game is actually a sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog 2. While Sonic 2 was actually a new game and the story had nothing to do with the first game.
As in the game you can play with either Sonic or Tails.

In short, the storylines goes that after Sonic has crashed the spacestation of Robotnik they both strand on a floating island (not in water but in the air). Robotnik meets Knuckles and he learns that he guards the master emerald which give the island it’s floating powers. He tells Knuckles that Sonic is trying to steal the master emerald.. Et voila, the story starts…

You can again, in special stages, find chaos emeralds. Just like in Sonic 2, if you collect all 7 of them, you can transform into Super Sonic. Which is by the way the part I enjoyed most as a kid (besides the irritating music which is invoked when becoming Super Sonic).

If you are retrogaming, this is one that you should really give a try ;-).

As before, I’ll add some videos for your entertaiment.


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