Retro Gaming part 3: Final Fantasy VIII

Squall Lionheart

It had to come to this, at least 1 final fantasy post :’)… I know tons of things have been written about these series and a few gazillion reviews were produced.. But I really couldn’t leave it out.
I’m a great fan of the FF series, the most famous one is FFVII without any doubt. But the next one, FFVIII, is that one I started playing and it is a game I so enjoyed.

The main character in this game is Squall Lionheart, he is an orphan and he lives in Balamb Garden. Which is a sort of a military school. Here he tried to become a SeeD (sounds a bit fishy.. I realize that, but bear with me). This is a special elite force from the school.
At a certain point in time, the school is asked to send a team to assassinate the witch Edea. Which is Squall and a few other playable characters.
This is where the actual story starts. And I’m really not going to explain everything but it’s really too much information and way too much to type.
It’s monday morning and I’m really not in the best mood.. :P. Oh I should probably tell you that FFVIII is actually a love story :’)…

Anyway, play the game and you’ll learn what’s going on. About the battle system… It’s very alike the battle system in final fantasy VII. So it’s kind of turn based. Every turn you get to choose which move you are going to perform. One of the moves is to summon a guardian force. This is mostly a beast or some sort of mythical creature that comes to your aid.
Each character also has a limit break (also like FFVII), you can perform a limit break when a character’s health is low. It’s a special move that does quite a lot of damage.

Something needs to be said about that main character as well. As you may or may not know is that the main character in

Cactuar Guardian Force

the final fantasy series always has a sword, or a variation on a sword. This is no different in FFVIII. Squall is using a gun blade. A combination of a gun with a sword embedded. During the game this weapon, along with the weapons of the other characters can be customized. Doing this will also affect the availability of limit breaks.

A few movies to illustrate how this marvellous game works and looks like.


8 thoughts on “Retro Gaming part 3: Final Fantasy VIII

  1. FF VIII is still my favorite out of the PSone FF games. The gunblade is one piece of equipment and Squall slices bad guys really well with it.

    Also I thought the characters were much deeper in this one. All good stories begin and end with romance, so I thought the game’s plot – while occasionally convuluted – was interesting and had me glued to my seat the entire time.

    What’s your JRPG of choice?

    – JTM

    • Final Fantasy, beyond any doubt.. Don’t ask me which one, cuz I can’t answer that.. I like FFVII very much… But so do I like XII :’)…

      Thanks for your comment

    • It’s upsetting that the Final Fantasy series has been hit and miss right around the time of VII.

      From personal experience I thought VIII was okay, I loved IX, X was an acquired taste, XI doesn’t exist for me, and XII was an incredible experience.

      Excellent read though, I hope to hear more!

  2. I love the final fantasy series, my most favourite games to play! FF XIII is one of my mosy played. I love the graphics and I found the story interesting. I also enjoy FF X a lot! I literally couldn’t stop playing that one because of the story. I thought the characters were awesome too.

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