Retro Gaming part 2: Street of Rage II

Do you remember this one? The arcade game streets of rage. 3 streets of rage games came out and number 2 was my favourite (since I owned it as a kid :’)).

This game came out in Japan and the US under the name Bare Knuckle II. I don’t know why the name is different there, but no matter, it’s the same game and it rules. :’)
Anyway it was available for the sega megadrive.
It is a side scrolling beat ’em up game. Basically you just go right all the time punching guys (and even girls, which honestly look like SM mistresses) in the face.

Throughout the entire storyline of streets of rage you are fighing the evil Mr. X (how original…). For some reason is plans to take over the city and in streets of rage 1 you defeat him and all is well again. Streets of rage 2 is one year after you defeat this guys. And Oh noes! Not all is well anymore, he kidnaps Adam (one of the playable characters in Streets of rage 1) and you have to go and rescue him and defeat Mr. X once again.

There are 4 playable characters in this game (and yes, there even is a coöp mode!). Axel (also available in SOR 1) an EX cop and friend of adam. Blaze, she’s running around in a tiny red top and a mini skirt the entire game (bet you feel sorry now it isn’t next-gen, right?) also former cop and friend of adam. Skate, this is actually a kid which moves around on roller blades, this is the younger brother of adam. And last but not least Max, a professional wrestler, and I have honestly no idea how he got involved… If I recall correctly he’s a friend of Blaze (O_o)…

The game has 8 levels and each level has a boss fight (not that hard though). During the levels you’ll be able to pick up weapons, throw around things, toss people in the air. And each character also has a special move which you can use, each time you use it however, a small portion of your health is depleted.

But again… You’ll get it when you see it so.. For your entertainment, a few video’s.

By the way, if you really wanna play it. A version for the XBOX came out some time ago with an online COOP mode.


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