Retro Gaming part 1: Skullmonkeys


Since I’m working in series here, I might as well write a few posts about some retro games I really really love. There might be a few that you haven’t actually heard from but are really worthwhile to give a shot on a dark an cold sunday afternoon.

Like for example: skullmonkeys. Have you ever played this game? It was created for the playstation (1), released in 1998.

You play as klaymen in a clay world (what a surprise). The story itself is as strange as the characters of this game.

This game is actually a sequel from the game the neverhood. And in


this first game the evil klogg was banished from the

neverhood. Somehow he ended up on a planet which is currently

ruled by monkeys… skullmonkeys to be exact.
Klogg becomes their king and start creating “evil engine #9” (told you it was weird). He wants to use this engine to destroy the neverhood.

Besides 17 cool clay worlds this game has several bonus levels (like for example the 1970 bonus world, groovy!) and one hell of a soundtrack. One of the best, maybe even the best I have every heard. It is created by Terry S. Taylor. An artist unknown to me.. Allow me to share 2 soundtracks from the game.

And those are 2 of many more. But ofcourse, this post can say a lot of things but you can’t possible know what I’m talking about unless you have played it yourself or at least have seen what I’m talking about.
So, here are some in game videos. Oh and I also added a movie which shows a few in game videos, so yeah there will be some spoilers..

By all means, let me know what you think about this game!



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