The pickle called life

Happyness… every single person walking the face of this planet (and even beyond) has a chance to find it. Even me.. I realize that all too well.

Altough I have, as you may have expected, a problem with being happy. For some unexplainable reason I do not allow myself to be happy.

I can think of a few reasons. For example… I’m not the most optimistic person, so every time a “happy period” comes along, I start thinking… What will go wrong, so I’ll be miserable again. This kind of happiness is not meant for me.

Another thing which doesn’t allow me to be happy is that I constantly wonder what others are thinking of the reasons why I am happy.
The idea of people talking behind my back is driving me insane. It shouldn’t be that way, I think? Right?
Oh and don’t think it doesn’t happen… It does, I can assure you…

If someone, anyone, can tell me how I can stop this madness.. That would be great, because I’m kinda of sick and tired to become so dark all the time…


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