TV Tuners: Back to the studio, Tom!

It is actually possible to watch television from your computer. Yes indeed, some tools, websites, others exist to stream TV channels to your computer. But you can just attach the TV cable on your computer and watch from here…

In order to do this you’ll need a TV tuner. Something that looks like this:

There also are external versions of this type of card. All you need to do is plug it in, install it and install the software that can tune in to the TV channels. Off you go, on the fly computer TV.
Like this you can create your own TiVo. This allows a user to record and playback TV streams. And yes you can actually save video files created with this device to your disk to replay them with a “normal” media player.

If you are wondering how you should install the internal TV Tuner card. Well, that’s actually quite easy. Find an empty PCI slot on your motherboard. Push the card in.. Close up..

Who ever said computing was hard :D…


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