People Suck

I know, that after you read this blogpost, you’ll probably start describing me as a dramaqueen, overactor and hypochondriac but that is a risk I just need to take. Yet again I had a nice lesson in the nature of the human being.

Like most people, I love my friends. I enjoy doing stuff with them, being around them, just.. carelessly hanging around. But why is it that some of them just don’t share that idea.
Little example, I have a friend (and yes, I will keep referring to this person as friend). And it’s always nice to be around this person. The only thing that really bothers me is that for some reason this person always feels the need to push me around.
By that I mean that I am asked to do something or to help around. Which I don’t mind, at all even. What I do mind, is that the fact that this person actually doesn’t ask, she orders me to do stuff.
And really that bothers me.

Look around you (and I’m not trying to make you feel bad, but really for a moment please). It seems that this doesn’t just happen to me. A lot of people tend to do this. In stead of being nice and asking something they just order people around. They take it for granted that these people will always be there to help them out.

I know that I can be rude and insensible every now and then. But most of the time I’m aware of this and thus feel bad about it. Let me start off by saying that I’m not a perfect human being, far from even. I have my faults and dark sides, trust me there is no need to tell me that. But at the very least I always try to be understanding and respectful towards others.
To stay on topic… No one HAS to help me but I really appreciate it when someone does.
How hard can this be? Or is this just me? Am I a whiny little bastard that has nothing better to do than analyze the behaviour of other people (by all means if I am, tell me).

Although I wrote a few posts on love, friends, caring, etc, it becomes rather hard to believe in this myself.
While I’m whining I may as well go 1 step further and say the same thing about love. A lot of people tell me about their love life (no, not the fleshy part.. ;-)). The stories I hear are as well rather concerning. It happens only rarely that I hear someone say thay he or she is actually happy with how things are going. And it happens even less that I hear stories about real love.
This worries me quite a bit. Does it really not exist? Is it something we, as human beings, made up just to make sure our race will not be extinct.
By all means I hope not, because I am one of those people who believe that love (or even better: true love) exists.

What has happened to us? Where have we all gone wrong. It really isn’t that hard people. A little respect an honesty. It is the miracle drug ;-).
Oh and before you start thinking (or continue to think) of me as an old bore… I actually have a few very good friends who are loving, caring and respectful. There are no words to describe how graceful I am to know these people.

What a start, even for a monday morning..


2 thoughts on “People Suck

  1. Hahaaa,I liked your post very much. I had a friend who dealt with others the same way your friend did (bossing people around). For me,that was unbearable,considering I wasn’t comfortable with other things about her,
    but why can’t people understand that when you want some help,you have to ask for it nicely?! how hard is that? others are not compelled to help, you know

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