Lately I’m feeling kind of… hollow. Yes, that is the correct word.

It feels like nothing is the same anymore. Everything is so different from a few years back. And I know… things change, people change, everything changes. But still, who ever said change is always good.

The most remarkable change, for me at least, is that a few years ago. Let’s say 3 to 5 years ago my life was virtually without sorrow. And I’m sure that there were a few worries on my mind back then, but really nothing serious. Lately it seems that nothing can just “happen” without bringing the necessary amount of issues.
Frankly that bothers me. Well, what actually bothers me is that I don’t know if this is only temporary or is this permanent? Because, really, that would blow.

Why is it, that we people, constantly want to change things. Things that have been going right for the past 10 years all in the sudden need to be changed to something new.

It happens, more and more. The most common example, which really happens quite a lot recently is couples separating. And yes I know it happens every day, but I’m talking about couples who have been married for the last 15 – 20 years. They all get a divorce for.. insignificant reasons (I kid you not, there is a couple I know, that got divorced because the woman figured her husband was spending too much time on the internet.. WTF? Work it out!?)

The biggest problem I am facing (I guess), is that everything has become so very complex and hard. For example, these days you almost have to schedule an appointment with someone. Just to go out with this person. If you don’t and ask them straight in the face ‘if they want to hang out’, you’ll get the respons (or me at least) that you only think of yourself and you do not understand how busy they are and how hard it is for them to get around.
I’m sure that is all very true. But really, I don’t mean any offence by asking.

I keep telling myself this will pass.. But more I think about it, the more I’m scared it won’t…


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