Zombie Theatre

Some time ago I watched Shaun of the Dead again. Maybe you know it? It’s a parody on dawn of the dead (just in case you haven’t figured that one out..).

I figured I actually watched quite a bit of zombie movies. Here are a few that you should really see (trust me you’ll love them).

Dead Snow: A rather strange movie, it’s about a few people that go out on a ski vacation. Along the way they are attacked by zombies-nazis.

Braindead: a zombie movie that starts like my others. Someone gets sick, dies, ressurrects are a zombie. Don’t take this movie too serious though.

Dawn of the dead: As I said this is the movie where shaun of the dead was based upon. A rather dark horror movie (really something to see with your easy-to-scare-girlfriend). This movie was achtually a remake from the original dawn of the dead movie of 1978. You should watch them both. Really, enjoyable!
This movie has a lot of sequels, I’m not going to sum them all up. They are not that good anyway. Just so you know, there is a lot more where this came from.

Fido: This really is a must! must! see… It’s about a city, where zombies are sold as pets. They are used to mow the lawn, go out shopping for groceries, etc. Fido is a movie about a young boy becoming friends with his pet zombie. Again, don’t take this too serious.
Maybe nice to know is Carrie-Anne Moss plays in this movie.

I am Legend: I consider this one only a semi-zombie movie. It’s about a doctor that has found a cure against cancer. The patients who got the drug administered changed into zombie-like creatures.

Resident Evil: movies based on a game. Hmm .. Mostly not that good in my opinion. And honestly, no different here. It isn’t that great of a movie, but take the time to watch it. There are also a number of sequels… Which don’t really get any better.

Let me know how you liked them or if you have suggestions about other nice zombie movies.

Have fun!


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