The Multifunctional Webbrowser

Have I mentioned before that firefox allows users to install add-ons? There are tons of add-ons for the “burning-mammal” webbrowser.
I made a small list of add-ons you really want to give a try.

Webmail notifier: plug in your gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc mail to firefox. Enter your credentials and when firefox is opened it will notify you of new incoming mail.

Facebook Toolbar: for those of you that DO use facebook. The facebook plugin. Get connected, share, upload and search. All the things you are just dieing to do on facebook.

Reminderfox: if you are forgetful or if you have 1000 things to do. Reminderfox is the tool for you. Enter your todo lists, alerts, alarms, … . You’re life was never any more efficient.

Ebay Sidebar: to support your shopping spree on eBay. As the name implies, it is a sidebar which allows you to keep track of your eBay activity, bids, etc at all times.

PrintPDF: Allows a linux of windows user to print to pdf. It’s a simple feature yet very handy. And more importantly, it’s free ;-).

Personas Plus: An add-on that allows you to quickly change the appearance of firefox. Hundreds of themes are availble. With only 2 or 3 clicks you can change the look of your favorite browser.

Grooveshark Remote Control: Every used grooveshark? A free online service, which allows you to create playlists, tune in to radio stations and share music. This little tool allows you to control grooveshark from any webpage you are on in firefox.

FoxTab: This is just a tool to look firefox more fancy. Use 3D animation to switch between tabs.

AniWeather: Wanna go out tomorrow? Care to know what kind of weather you’ll have on the day you get married. Always know what to wear with AniWeather. Enter your location and this tool will tell you what type of weather it currently is (or you could just open a window) and the next few days.

Alright then. This should get you going for a while. If you want/need more add-ons please check here.


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