HTTP 404 Page Not Found!

Ever came across this problem? Don’t worry about it, there is nothing wrong with your computer (unlike what a lot of people think for some reason).

If you so happen to receive this error message in your webbrowser is means that your client was able to communicate with the server, but the server simply was able to fulfill your request.
This happens if you navigate to a page that does not exist, for example. These errors should not be confused with DNS errors, these types of errors indicate that the server was not found which is a very different thing (because in some cases this might actually be a PC problem on your side).

To be clear, the number 404 is just a code which is passed through servers, with this code both servers can tell and understand what is going on.
When a server wants to say ‘I found the page you requested’ it returns the code 200 which simply means… OK.

There is also something called a “soft 404”. This is when a website returns a 200-OK code from a normal page. This page will also display that the page was not found but you will actually stay within the website you were surfing.
This looks, most of the time, less dramatic ;-).

Another worry of your mind!


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