What if tomorrow never comes

I would go out with all of my loved ones. Go on a wild trip and do as many things as I would be able to. Without fear, doubt, concerns…

I would let all these people know how much I like them and adore them. It would be one big hug-fest.
I’d make a hell of a lot of milkshakes so we could drink until our bellies reach the point of critical mass.

All day we would enjoy life at fullest, live our dreams, speak our minds. Respecting and loving each other.

That is what I would do when tomorrow would never come.

And honestly, I think that is how you should live your entire life. As if it was your last day on this planet….


One thought on “What if tomorrow never comes

  1. If tomorrow never comes, I think I will find the little friends I have, and give them a big hug. Because, I would need that, and perhaps even they would need that.

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