Sniffing Space

Have I got a beautiful tool for you today! I like it myself that’s why I assume you like it as well ;-).

Spacesniffer, a tool that can show you where all the space on your hard drive went. This tool is free and can be downloaded from this link

It’s very easy to use. Startup the program, select the folder you’d like to check (or an entire drive). The program will now start to create a map of how your data is spread throughout the system.
Big blocks = a lot of space used. Small blocks… well you get the point.

Now, if you’d like to go into detail. click on a block you would like to examine. The detail of this folder will now open, you can keep going into detail up until you are on file level.
If you right click on a block you’ll see all the options which you would normally see when you right click the file/folder.

So please be a little careful because you can actually delete files from here ;-).

More detailed searches can be done as well. You can apply filters for certain extentions if you would need it. The example given on the homepage of spacesniffer is *.jpg;>1mb;<3months;|:yellow.

Oh and one more thing. It’s portable :). Means you don’t need to install it! You can use it anywhere at anytime (with a computer, at least).



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