Back to the Arcade

Every now and then I enjoy playing an “old-sk00l” game like Sonic or Mario Bros, mortal kombat 1 or 2, etc… And I assume others would like to do this as well every now and then. For childhood memories sake.
The only problem is, finding an old SNES console or in my case an old Sega Megadrive console. Or even harder, finding one that actually works.

But ofcourse you know I wouldn’t be writing this post if I did not have a solution prepared for this agonising problem.
At a certain point in time during the internet era, emulator were created. Little programs that simulate the funtionalities of the console.
You can find an emulator for virtually any console and yes, even games are emulated. The games you run on an emulator are called ROMs.

It’s very simple, you download an emulator (the one you like best) of a console. You do some configuration (mapping the buttons of the joypad to keys on your keyboard) and you’re set.
Load the game, relive good times!

There is however one downside. Some games are protected by the ESA (entertainment Software Association). So not all games are available for download and even if they are, the games which are protected can only be kept on your computer for 24 hours. The truth is that there are a lot of contradictions concerning the legality of ROMs.
So I encourage you to always read disclaimers and FAQs of the site which offer emulators and roms.

Anyway, in case you want to relive some old memories following websites may come in handy:

Emulators and ROMs:

Mostly ROMs:

Cool ROMs (all of them are but it’s the name of the website):

Oh one more thing, just ignore the commercials which constantly tell you that a russian woman is waiting to marry you. It happens.. :’)..


One of my all time favorites:


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