Between angels and demons

I have been in the clinic for the last couple of days (it’s a long story, you don’t wanna know).
Which resulted in the fact that I had a lot of time to think about… stuff.

About a week ago a friend of mine said that you do not want to be a hero. The only thing that will happen is that their statue falls of the socket that it stands on.
And honestly, that expression bothers me a bit. I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now.

If you take the most commonly chosen definition of a hero. That may actually be true. Some people die for the sake of others or for a greater goal. By this sacrifice they are declared a hero.
I agree on that, to die for such a cause is… Not always wise and honestly I don’t think it is much respected.

However, personally I do not believe this is the definition of a hero.
Before you click this away, hear me out. Take a look at my description and think about it.

If I am not mistaking. A hero is someone that is strong when we are weak. That talks when we are silent. Someone to pick us up when we are down.
A person who is always there for us, no matter what or when or why.
Someone that will never let you down, will back you up and fight by your side even if it is in vain.

But think about it, does it always have to be a warrior, a soldier, fireman, police officer.
I think there are others, who are, and I will use the word also, heroes. THey just walk amongst us and we barely even notice them.

Mothers or fathers for example. The things they do for their kids. The sacrifices they make and the things they do to make them happy. That is just amazing.

For instance, a single mother with a full time job, who still makes time to take her kid to soccer practice.
Not a hero? Let’s be honest.

We take all of that for granted and most of the time we just realize what those people meant to us once they are gone.
They are our inspiration and stop at nothing to make us better people. They try to learn us their “ways”. They want us to become stronger and better people.
And in return they ask nothing, nothing at all.

Not even a tiny statue ;-).

So how about it? Sound familiar?

Let me know how you think about it…


One thought on “Between angels and demons

  1. It is true. There are other heroes. I very much understand what you’re saying. My mother raised her three daughters on her own as well, three! How difficult is should have been, yet she’d always wanted the best for us. She’s like a hero. My hero.

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