Let’s get ready to rumble

It happens more and more often that I think about this life, my life. And it came to my attention that life is a lot like a boxing match.

You stand in a ring, facing your most feared opponent (life). The crowd (everyone in the world) is cheering, yelling, shouting… Some “booh” you others encourage you.
Next to the ring are those closest to you.. Your trainer (parents, family, ..), a few people who tend to your wounds (friends, lover, people that care about you), … .

As you enter the fight, you can now see your enemy very clear. He’s even scarier than you’ve imagined him. Ready to punch you in the face whenever he can.

You can hear the bell, first round. You rush into battle, defending yourself as good as you can. However, soon it becomes clear that you will not get out of this without injuries or pain.
You get punched, beaten, wounded. You fight back, you will not give in to this fear, to the “unknown”.

At the end of every round your trainer will give you advice and support. Your team will tend to your wounds, asking if you are still okay to continue.
Together preparing for the next round.
The fight continues, it is hard. But worth it. You keep on going without giving in, without giving your opponent the chance the knock you out.

After a few rounds , you start to feel the exhaustion. You receive one hard punch right after the other. It becomes dark in front of your eyes. You fall on your knees, your back is against the ropes.
There are only 2 ways now… Either you pick yourself up, endure the pain, get over it and carry on.
Or you allow the referee to reach the count of 10 and declare you “knock-out”.
Outside of the ring, you hear your trainer and the rest of your team yelling to get up, to carry on, not to fear, to be strong and brave. You can do it! You are strong!

Once you notice others believe in you, rely on you, the strenght in your arms and legs return. You get up, spit out the taste of blood, get back in position and start to fight again.

You are in pain, but at the same time you feel great. It is as if you are getting stronger every single round of this battle. As long as you keep going…

So tell me… What kind of a figher are you?


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