If you are in to photo editing or digital coloring/drawing, this may be a good post for you.

The most commonly used photo editing program is photoshop. I think you have all came across the name once or twice.
This is indeed a very powerful tool however also very expensive. Specially if you just want to use it for some “home-fun-photo-editing”.

Fear not! There is another legal tool which supports the same basic functions that photoshop does.
It’s called GIMP. You can download it for free from this location: http://www.gimp.org/.

GIMP is short for GNU Image Manipulation language (if you read between the lines then you know it was first released on unix like operating systems).

The user interface of this tool works basically the same as photoshop. You also have layers, the brushes panel, tools panel, you can use image filters, you are able to make detailed selections with different tools.
Most image types are supported (which can ofcourse be expected from a photo editing tool).

It may be a pickle when you start working with this tool since the windowing of GIMP looks a bit strange (but honestly, once you get the hang of it, piece of cake).
Each image you open, opens in a different separate window as well as other windows or dialogs.

But ofcourse I can tell you as much as I like. You really have to see it to believe it ;-).
So download GIMP and have a go.

At this time there are some (open source) GIMP variants available as well.
For example:

GIMPshop: this re-arranges the GUI to mimic photoshop. Actually the menus and user interface are modified :’).

GIMP Portable: This version can be installed on a USB drive.

GimPhoto: is more for photographers.

This and many more.

Gimp also has a cool mascot! But I guess that is not so very informative.. :P

Let me know how you experience GIMP…


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