A Bad Mood

6.15 AM… My alarm clock makes a desperate attempt to wake me. It is only 15 minutes later that I notice the annoying sound it produces.

I stumble out of bed while trying to open my eyes. My head feels heavy, my stomach hurts, my troath tasts like I swallowed a plague rat.
When walking over to my closet I fail to notice all the junk on the floor. I trip, more rumbling sounds, a small yet very clear curse word escapes my mouth.

When I finally make it to the closet, I open the door grab some clothes and try to find the correct holes to put my head, arms and legs trough.

I’m more or less dressed when I take one last look at the alarm clock.
Only 5 more minutes before I have to leave. I pick up the pase and by doing so trip over a few more things.
After I make it out of the jungle I call “my room” I rush down the stairs,  in 1 move I hop in my coat, grab my bag and snatch my car keys.

My head still feels heavy, same as my mood. I start the car, drive down the lane, notice the time once and start to get nervous. I’ll be late for the first train.. again!
While driving I have to stop, ofcourse, at each traffic light. They all “kindly” request me to halt and wait for other imaginary (6.45 AM = ghosttown) traffic to cross the street…

After a wicked race against time I manage to get to the parking lot in time. Slowly the gate opens, awaiting “my” arrival.
I park the car, jump out, remotely lock the doors and rush to the nearby station.
There is still some time, the train has not arrived. I run over to the correct platform. Tons of people are waiting here. Having the same idea I’m having. “My god, do all these people need to get on this tiny train?”

Minutes later the train glides in the station. As expected people are pushing, pulling and bashing to get a seat on the, as earlier explained, way to small train.
I don’t even bother and give up trying to find myself a place to sit.
So I stand up, getting irritated by the people around me. Crunching, yapping, nagging, laughing, having way to loud conversations.
Don’t these people see I’m tired and I need some quiet time!

The first train-stop, people pushing and pulling to get off. I’m almost trampled. I’m ready to rip someone’s head off.
Nothing has changed in my physical state. Everything feels heavy, every action my body does feels like it has to lift an elephant.

When the train finally arrives at the station where I need to get off. I try to get as close to the door as possible. When the doors open I hop off and rush toward the stairs.
I try not to hit too many people on my way out (why do they always get in my way! They see me coming don’t they?!).

When I reach the exit I already hear cars honking, people yelling and begging. My god, the horror.. at this hour! (7.15 AM).
I try to ignore as much as possible (anger, rage, revenge!!).

After 5 minutes I reach my destination, get in the elevator with way to many other people.
We stop, ofcourse, at every floor. It takes ages to get up.

The elevator stops at the floor where I need to be. I get out, badge in. Go to my computer, open up my blog and start nagging.

Boy.. am I in a bad mood today…


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